Who is Connor Ratliff? Podcaster fired from Band of Brothers set to face Tom Hanks after two decades

dead eyes Podcast host Connor Ratliff was fired by Tom Hanks from his HBO miniseries Band of brothers in 2000. Nearly two decades later, the podcaster will finally chat with the Forrest Gump star of the season finale of his podcast.

According to The Independent, Ratliff previously claimed that Hanks fired him from a small role in the miniseries because he had “dead eyes.” The actor was reportedly replaced at the last moment and is now eagerly waiting to hear more about Hanks’ decision.

During an appearance on Late Night with Seth MeyersConnor Ratliff revealed that the name of his dead eyes podcast was inspired by Hanks’ reasoning about his suspension from the HBO series. However, the podcaster managed to invite Tom Hanks as a guest for his podcast’s season three finale.

All about Connor Ratliff

Connor Ratliff is an American actor, comedian and podcast host. He is best known as the star of The George Lucas Talk Show and host of dead eyes Podcast. He is also part of New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade as a member of the improv comedy troupe The Stepfathers.

The media personality was born to parents Bill and Gretta Ratliff on August 27, 1975. After graduating from high school, Ratliff attended the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. He then began performing at the Royal Court Theater in London.

Ratliff joined UCB Theater East after moving to New York and began performing with The Stepfathers on weekly Friday nights. He also performed on ASSSSCAT 3000the oldest show in the theatre.

He continued to play The Chris Gethard Show and has also contributed to short films like The solitary cornmeal machine with award-winning artist Maelle Doliveux. Ratliff started hosting The George Lucas Talk Show in 2014 and appeared on the show as star wars designer George Lucas.

According to IMDB, Ratcliff has already contributed to the Research group and currently appears on Amazon The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Deadline noted that the actor produced 30 episodes of the dead eyes podcast, which featured artists Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, Jon Hamm, and Colin Hanks, among others.

What did Connor Ratliff say about Tom Hanks?

Connor Ratliff said he had always been a fan of Tom Hanks (Image via Lloyd Bishop/Getty Images)
Connor Ratliff said he had always been a fan of Tom Hanks (Image via Lloyd Bishop/Getty Images)

Connor Ratliff decided to name his own podcast, dead eyesinspired by when he was fired by HBO’s Tom Hanks Band of brothers to have “dead eyes”. The podcast has often featured actors who have shared their own experiences of rejection in Hollywood.

Most recently, Ratliff invited Hanks to attend the season finale of his podcast and said his chat with the Oscar winner would be a “satisfying experience” for listeners. He shared,

“I was fully prepared that this would never happen, but I’m glad it did. I think for listeners who tuned in, it will be a very satisfying experience.

The podcaster even encouraged new fans to tune in to the finale, especially because it was a special Tom Hanks episode. He said,

“For new listeners, this is a Tom Hanks episode, so what’s not to love? We want it to feel like you’re right there in the room with me and Tom.

Ratliff further shared that he had always been a fan of Hanks and became a bigger admirer of the actor after agreeing to attend the show.

“I’ve been a fan ever since I heard him scream the line ‘I’m no fish’ on Splash, and doing that podcast only made me a bigger fan, even before he agree to be invited.”

In addition to the long-awaited conversation between Ratliff and Hanks, the latter will also share his journey in the entertainment industry, provide insight into his process for selecting projects and actors, and open up about the “unspoken rules” of the work on a set.

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