Watch The Lindas Linda ‘Blow Up The Roof’ Of Another LA Library In NPR’s Tiny Desk Performance

The Linda Lindas – a Los Angeles-based quartet consisting of Bela Salazar on electric guitar, Eloise Wong on bass guitar and vocals, Lucia de la Garza on guitar and Mila de la Garza on drums (all ages 11 to 17) – first came to the world’s attention last May, when a fierce rendition of their song, racist sexist boy in a Los Angeles public library has gone viral.

Recently, the quartet returned to the Los Angeles Library setting — the LA Central Library, for those who take notes — to film a typically tight and energetic five-song NPR Tiny Desk (house) set. You can check it below.

In it, the band runs through five tracks – To grow, talk to myself, Why, Quantas Veces and of course, racist and sexist boy – all of whom feature on their recently released feature debut, To grow.

These run the gamut from buzzy, airtight pop-punk to To grow beautiful, mid-tempo Quantas Veces. Lucia jokingly encourages her bandmates to “blow the roof off” before racist and sexist boybut sarcasm aside, that’s exactly what they do.

The Linda Lindas were prominent members of 2022’s recent Fender Next Class, and indeed Wong, Salazar and Lucia de la Garza are all armed with a revolving door of Fenders everywhere (special props in particular should be given to the amazing custom Acoustasonics Salazar and Lucia use on Quantas Veces).

It’s not just Fender that the band have already impressed in their young career.

Their virality racist and sexist boy the performance won praise from Tom Morello, Thurston Moore, Hayley Williams and Questlove, and landed them a deal with Epitaph, who went on to date To grow.

The Linda Linda also aroused the admiration of Kathleen Hanna, who told guitar world in an interview last year – after wearing t-shirts made by Hanna’s company Tees4Togo during the aforementioned viral performance – that she was “thrilled to be associated in any way” with the group .

To retrieve a copy of To growvisit the Linda Lindas website.

Evelyn C. Tobin