Watch Lamb Of God perform with guest vocalists from Chimaira, In Flames and Trivium

LAMB OF GOD leader Randy Blythe was forced to miss the band’s concert Tuesday night (April 19) in Grand Rapids, Michigan after testing positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. To replace him at the concert, there were singers from two of the bands who are currently on tour with LAMB OF GOD, TRIVIUMit is Matt heavy and IN FIREAnders Fridenas well as Mark the hunter of CHIMARYwho supported LAMB OF GOD while touring the United States in 2003. A fan-filmed video of the concert is available below.

After the gig, Hunter shared several behind-the-scenes and soundcheck photos, and he included the following message: “I had the honor to sing for LAMB OF GOD this evening. @drandallblythe was unavailable due to COVID. It was an absolute honor and I am extremely grateful that they thought of me. Will get better soon, Excited!!”

A few hours before last night’s show, Blythe released the following statement via social media: “After two years the ‘rona finally got me. Sadly the symptoms of COVID are pretty much like the usual touring life for me – sore throat/sickness head (I’m 51, I scream and jump like a maniac to very loud music for over an hour every night, so of course I’m in pain and have a sore throat and a headache – it’s just called “touring”), so I thought what I was feeling was just normal. However, after my throat got worse, just to be sure, I took a test, and it’s I IMMEDIATELY isolated myself from my group and all other humans, contacted everyone I had been around to let them know, and will continue to self-isolate until I am no longer contagious .”

He continued: “It’s the correct and ethical thing to do – what sounds like a very bad cold to me could mean something very, very different to someone who’s immunocompromised who can’t be vaccinated like me, or “I feel better already, but to protect my band, our fans and the health of the tour, I have to miss tonight’s concert. It sucks, but that’s the price you pay for doing business these days. our old friend Mark the hunter of CHIMARY fame will return to the stage and replace me tonight – thank you, To mark, you are a solid guy and I know you will kill him! I just wish I was there to see it! I hope to be back on stage later this week.

“Thank you in advance for your understanding – it’s nothing I wanted, but I’m doing my best to do the right thing here.”

LAMB OF GOD is currently on the road in North America with MEGADETH, TRIVIUM and IN FIRE within the framework of what is called “The Metal Tour of the Year”.

Last October, Blythe urged anyone who came to see his band perform to get vaccinated against COVID-19. “I believe in fucking science,” he said during an appearance on MACHINE HEAD leader Robb Flynnit is “No Fucking Regrets with Robb Flynn” Podcast. “And I have friends who are doctors and scientists and nurses, and they’re people I’m going to listen to – not someone on social media, not another musician, not a talking head. CNN, FoxNews, USA today, PBS; Nothing of the sort. I talk to my friends who are molecular biologists, immunologists, emergency physicians, and I have nurse friends, one of whom works in a COVID ward – and someone very near me. They’re not my friends neighbors second cousin’s buddies [saying], ‘I heard this or that or the other’; they are friends to whom I speak directly. They’re, like, ‘This is real. It’s science. It’s the data. That’s what I see. These are the people I see dying. So I will listen to my friends because they are much smarter than me.

“For me, everyone has to quote, do their own research I guess,” he laughed. “My research involves talking to friends of mine who have spent years of their lives pursuing studies that cost them thousands and thousands of dollars, or who dedicate their lives to serving others in the medical profession. And that’s what these people are telling me. So I don’t have to filter all this data, through all these different media sources, I’m just talking to my friends, ‘Are you vaccinated?’ ‘Yes.’ “Tell me about this vaccine. Tell me about the technology.” And I had these conversations.

“When the vaccine came out very quickly, comparatively, like anybody else, I was, like, ‘Well, that’s quick'” Excited admitted. “But then friends of mine explained to me, ‘It’s old technology. They’ve been working on it for 15 fucking years. It’s not new. So cut it with that. And also, it’s not just the push of one American or one country or one company; it is a massive international effort to prepare this vaccine – different loans – for distribution.

“I have a friend who works in intelligence – high level intelligence – and one of their jobs at the moment is helping with COVAX, which is the international vaccine distribution arm. And he [was] talk to one of his colleagues about COVAXand it was just, like, it’s very frustrating with some places where the vaccine is available and people don’t want to take it, and there are countries begging for it.

“All that aside, for me, like I said, it’s a matter of talking to my friends and being like, ‘What’s the deal with that?'” Blythe added. “Because they’re people I trust and they’re a lot smarter than me… So I’m going to listen to them – I’m just going.”

LAMB OF GODThe latest self-titled album from was released in June 2020 via Epic Records in the United States and Nuclear Explosion Records in Europe. The follow-up of “VII: Sturm and Drang” brand LAMB OF GODfirst recordings with Art Cruzwho joined the band in July 2019 replacing the band’s founding drummer, Chris Adler.

“Lamb of God” was recorded with a longtime producer Josh Wilbour (CORN, MEGADETH, GOJIRA, TRIVIUM) and includes special appearances by Jamey Jasta (RACE HATE) and chuck billy (WILL).

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