The launch of the Xiaomi Band 7 is just around the corner

The launch of the Xiaomi Band 7 seems to be imminent. This fitness tracker has appeared on a number of certification websites, all of which suggest the launch is imminent.

Xiaomi Band 7 launch is really close at this point, just around the corner

The Xiaomi Band 7 has been spotted on SGS-CEBEC and Indonesia telecoms. Both of these listings revealed information about the device. It appeared with the model number “M2129B1”, by the way.

Based on the listing from the Indonesian telecommunications website, the device will feature a 250mAh battery. A charging base has also been spotted under the model number ‘XMCDQ05HM’, although we still don’t know anything about that.

Now the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has a 125 mAh battery. So, Xiaomi basically doubles the battery size of this new device, and that’s pretty interesting. We expect the Xiaomi Band 7 to do a lot more because of it.

The device will include a larger screen, GPS, etc.

Some Xiaomi Band 7 rumors have already surfaced. The device is said to feature a bigger screen. We still don’t know how big it is, but the Mi Band 6 has a 1.56-inch panel, so it will be bigger than that.

However, we do know the resolution of this screen. The Xiaomi Band 7 panel will have a resolution of 192×490. The always-on display feature will also be part of the package.

Now, a recent rumor has also said that GPS will be part of the package. The increased battery size may have something to do with it. It will allow you to go for a run without taking your phone with you.

The smart alarm feature is also rumored, as is some sort of power saving mode. The Xiaomi Band 7 is expected to go official in China first and then roll out to global markets. This fitness tracker will likely be quite affordable, as its predecessors were.

Evelyn C. Tobin