Redmi Smart Band Pro review: Top-class budget fitness tracker

Last month, Xiaomi subsidiary Redmi launched the new Smart Band Pro range of fitness trackers, as well as Redmi-branded Note 11 series smart phones and TVs.

Like handsets and TVs, Redmi Smart Band Pro which costs Rs 3,999 is touted as a good value gadget. Does he deliver the goods? Let’s look at this.

Design and build quality
Unlike the first generation Redmi Smart Band, which had a rectangular case with a sharp-edged form factor, the new model is larger and features a sleeker design with rounded corners. It’s very pleasant to look at and the screen is also really bright. It sports a 1.47-inch (194 x 368p) 2.5D curved AMOLED touchscreen.

It has a display pixel density of 282 ppi (pixels per inch) and offers a maximum brightness of 450 nits, and these things help to render content such as SMS, call notification, time and date. other details visible on screen outdoors under direct sunlight. . This is one of the most notable aspects of the device that I like. I have a keratoconus sensitive eye condition. For me, it makes a huge difference to see the messages without having to squint while taking a morning walk or taking the bus. I totally avoid using phones in these scenarios and only receive calls or reply to a message if I deem it important or ignore the notification on the smartwatch screen.

As for the build quality, the body of the Redmi Smart Band Pro is made of sturdy polycarbonate and the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) strap is also of good quality. It comes with a 5 ATM rating, which means the device can withstand water pressure up to 50 meters.

Redmi Pro Smart Band. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

Also, if you want to change the strap, just press and hold the quick release button on both sides, then pull it out. They come off easily. It’s much better than the predecessor, as I had to strain a lot to pull the strap to reload it.

However, this time the Redmi Smart Band Pro has a two-pin magnetic charging die at the base and it easily connects to the charging port.

Performance and UI
Setting up the Redmi Smart Band Pro is as easy as it gets. It takes just five minutes to turn on the fitness tracker and pair it with the companion phone and have it ready to go. It supports Android (v5.0 and later) and iPhones (with iOS 10 or later).

Users just need to install Xiamoi Wear or Wear Lite app on the phone and use wireless Bluetooth to connect with the Redmi Smart Band Pro.

Inside, the device comes with the Ambiq Apollo 3.5 chipset and it runs the LifeQ Health algorithm, which helps calculate the calories burned for a particular workout. It is supported by a set of sensitive 6-axis sensors, PPG (PhotoPlethysmoGraphy) heart rate sensor, SpO₂ (blood oxygen saturation) sensor, vibration motor and light sensor ambient.

Redmi Pro Smart Band. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

The new Redmi fitness tracker features simple swipe gestures and it is very easy even for a beginner to get familiar with the device. Users simply tap the screen to wake it up and use swipe gestures to navigate the device. If you swipe up, it will bring you to the list of functions such as menstrual cycle tracking, statistics (walking in km, steps, standing, calories burned), sleep, stress, breathing exercise, music control, camera, alarm, timer and Suite.

If you swipe right, you’ll access several widgets such as heart rate tracking, SpO2, weather, and workouts. If you swipe left, it offers quick access to a torch, find my phone, alarm, do not disturb, and settings.

And, if you swipe down, you will find all message notifications.

Redmi Pro Smart Band. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

Apart from the usual notifications (messages and view phone calls), users can also make good use of the Redmi Smart Band Pro to locate the misplaced or lost phone and even control the camera for group photos.

The Redmi Smart Pro Band can track over 110 activities including badminton, rowing, yoga, outdoor running, trail running, skipping, trekking, HIIT, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, hiking, elliptical machine, freestyle, pool swimming, etc.

In addition, it can automatically detect three activities: walking, outdoor running and treadmill walking. I tested the walk, and I must say that it is impressive. I usually walk almost 1.2 km from the office to the bus station and the Redmi Smart Band Pro was able to automatically detect walking every time during the seven-day test period. To be precise, it warned me once I crossed the distance of 400 meters. Kudos to the engineers at Xiaomi.

Compared to the high-end smartwatches I’ve tested, they usually let me know after I’ve walked about 1 km.

With the Xiaomi Wear app, users can get all the information about sleep patterns, activity tracking, calories burned and average fitness reports on the phone’s big screen.

The activity tracked by the Redmi Smart Band Pro is recorded on the Xiaomi Wear app. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

I have noticed that budget fitness trackers give a heart rate reading even if it is not placed on the wrist. However, the Redmi Smart Band Pro gives an “unable to measure” message and tells the user to “tighten the band strap”. Once put on the wrist, the readings were pretty accurate. In fact, I compared it with the high-end Apple Watch Series 7 and I’m happy to report that the results were very close, with the former only missing the count by one or two heartbeats per minute. .

When it comes to battery life, the Redmi Smart Band Pro had over 55% after a week of use. It can last two weeks under normal use and if the power saving mode is activated, it can work for 20 days.

Final Thoughts
Just as Redmi phones are synonymous with feature-rich affordable phones, this Smart Band Pro from the house of Redmi is a great value fitness tracker.

I’m very impressed with the improved heart rate tracking and the automatic walking activity detection feature is nothing short of first class.

Considering the general aspects, the Redmi Smart Band Pro is smarter and better than any of the usual fitness trackers in the market.

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Evelyn C. Tobin