Oppo Band Style review: good value for money fitness tracker

With the emergence of each new variant of Covid-19, there is a chance of a lockdown and tighter enforcement of the social distancing protocol across the country. Thus, some companies are still not decided to start full work from the office and give more time for employees to continue working from home.

It’s been over a year and a half since blockages became the norm and most people, although quite well suited to working effectively from home, the fitness regimen has taken a back seat. Most of them that I know and even I have gained considerable weight. It is advisable to get back into shape, otherwise we run the risk of contracting passive lifestyle-induced diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity among others.

There are several fitness bracelets and smartwatches on the market that can help us develop our discipline and monitor our progress. Among them, Oppo offers affordable band style for Rs 2,799.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with it and here are my thoughts on the Oppo Band Style.

Design and build quality
It has a 1.1 inch AMOLED-based 24-bit color touchscreen with 2.5D display design, 100% P3 color gamut and, in addition, a scratch-resistant 2.5D glass screen. This helps the device to survive scratches during daily activities.

In addition, it has a water resistance of 5 ATM, which means that the device can withstand water pressure up to 50 meters deep. I was not able to go for a swim to test this aspect but got caught in the rain and am happy to see that it works well.

Oppo Band Style with the charger module. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

In the belly, it has a two-pin charging point and also houses biometric sensors to track heart rate and SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation level).

The charging panel that comes with the retail package is very sturdy. The module docks and detaches comfortably without any problem.

User interface and performance
Setting up the group style was very easy. All I had to do was install the Oppo HeyTap Health app and follow the on-screen procedure. It only takes a few minutes to pair the cell phone with the companion phone and start using it.

Oppo Band Style Pairing Process. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

The screen is very sensitive to touch and responds quickly to swiping gestures. During the entire review period, I had no problem navigating the fitness group. In addition, the brightness was good enough to read notifications and the time outside in direct sunlight.

The company offers over 40 watch faces for Band Style and users can match their outfits with them.

Oppo Band Style. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

The band style has a three-axis accelerometer, which helps to track activities more accurately. It can monitor 12 training activities such as badminton, elliptical machine, fat loss running, free training, indoor cycling, indoor running, outdoor running, outdoor cycling. outdoors, outdoor walking, rowing, swimming and weight training.

Oppo Band Style. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

To check calories burned and other fitness metrics, you can check on the mobile app. Also, the Idle Alert feature does its job perfectly to make us stand and walk around at least once an hour.

The SpO2 tracker performs well for its asking price. I compared with some of the best branded models and there was a minor difference in reading the blood oxygen level.

Oppo HeyTap Health app. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

But, I still suggest users to only rely on standalone medical devices certified for SpO2 reading, as they are more accurate.

As for the heart rate monitoring feature, it does a good job. Yes, I compared a few rival brands with a budget and another premium costing over Rs 30,000. The difference in reading was negligible.

Oppo HeyTap Health app. Credit: DH Photo / KVN Rohit

It also tracks sleep quite well and we can see stats like deep and light sleep details on the app.

Moreover, Oppo Band Style can be used to control the volume or change the music tracks on the handset. In addition, users can make good use of Find My Phone feature to ring the lost companion phone and find it. There is also an option to control the shutter button on the camera. This will come in handy for getting a group photo over the phone.

When it comes to battery life, it houses a built-in 100mAh cell. It was able to last over 10 days using all the features.

Final thoughts
Oppo Band Style is a budget fitness tracker. It has all the standard biometric and activity tracking features we’ve come to expect from a smart wearable device. A notable aspect of retail packaging is that the company provides an additional band that is visually appealing and adds value to the style quotient of the person wearing it. This makes Oppo Band Style a compelling buy.

Evelyn C. Tobin