NASCAR Xfinity Livery will feature Swedish rock band Ghost

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In a world of terrible NASCAR sponsorships, we stand tall. This weekend, NASCAR Xfinity driver Bayley Currey will use a Ghost livery on his #4 JD Motorsports machine. And people: It’s good.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out Ghost, I recommend taking a moment to fire up the YouTube machine and enjoy the music. Ghost is a Swedish metal band with a frankly incredible stage presence and physical presentation. It’s also pretty much the exact antithesis of how most people imagine NASCAR, which is part of what makes this sponsorship so great. It’s kind of like me, the ultra goth kid from my rural high school, hanging out with my redneck friends. It’s good.

The sponsorship is designed to promote Ghost’s new album, Impera, which will be released on Friday, March 11, a day before the March 12 Xfinity Race at Phoenix Raceway. I don’t really know how big the crowd is between Ghost fans and NASCAR fans, but you know what? I will not look this gift horse in the mouth. The livery is cool as hell. Black, gold and white remind me another less tasty motorsport sponsor.

This isn’t the first metal band livery offered for NASCAR. Back in 2019, Slayer was a proposed sponsor for the Rick Ware Racing team, but the team ultimately dropped the sponsor because “the brand image and beliefs of Slayer and the image and beliefs of Rick Ware Racing and our longtime partners do not match.” It’s corporate parlance for “we’re sweet as hell”.

Anyway, I will always take a Ghost sponsorship on some of the other stupidity who is thrown into the racing world these days. Someone tried to roast them for performing a cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” during concerts – but every time Ghost plays this song, all royalties go to Camp Aranu’tiqa summer camp designed for transgender teens to come together and have time to be themselves and relax.

Fuck yeah, Ghost.

Evelyn C. Tobin