Mi Smart Band 6, Fitbit Charge 5, Realme Band 2, and more

Fitness bands have come a long way over the years and today they are more than just a tool for counting your steps. One can measure walking or running distance, calories burned, sleep pattern, heart rate and even various sports activities using a quality fitness bracelet. Now, the Indian market is flooded with a number of good fitness bands to choose from, but what really constitutes a good fitness band? Let’s look…

Things to consider when buying a fitness bracelet


One can find a wide variety of fitness groups by doing a quick search online. But not all fitness bands are the same. It is strongly recommended to choose one from a reliable and established company, even if it costs you more. Not only will you get a quality product with a robust feature set, but a better user experience and also better after-sales service in case the device gets damaged or stops working as expected. Also, beware of cheap counterfeits that are advertised as high-end fitness trackers.

Design and display

The early age of fitness bands did not include any displays. Instead, it was a bunch of sensors crammed into wristbands and silicone wristbands, while users relied on the smartphone app to analyze their data. Today, even affordable fitness bracelets come with tiny OLED displays that deliver deep blacks and vivid colors. Be sure to buy a wristband that provides a visible light display both indoors and outdoors, especially when you’re sweating.

When it comes to design and durability, the majority of fitness bands come with silicone-based straps that are generally comfortable, long-lasting, and easy to swap out. Also, be sure to check the IP rating as it ensures that the band can withstand water and dust. This is especially important if you enjoy swimming or tend to sweat a lot during workouts.

Battery life

Fitness bands generally offer long battery life, unlike smartwatches. The main reason for this is the small screen size and the lack of high-end sensors. Most bands should last 3-15 days depending on usage and battery size.

Fitness Features

As mentioned earlier, fitness bands offer a lot more features than a few years ago. Apart from step counting, you can expect features like heart rate monitoring, SpO2 or oxygen saturation tracking, activity and sports tracking, female health tracking, stress monitoring, sleep tracking, etc. There can be some ambiguity when it comes to accuracy, so once again we suggest going with a reputable brand. For example, Fitbit was a pioneer in health and fitness tracking, and the Fitbit Charge 5 is indeed one of the best high-end fitness bands.

Apart from health and fitness tracking, you can expect them to offer useful features such as receiving notifications from your smartphone, controlling your media, receiving alerts, checking your the weather, unlocking your phone, etc.

List of Best Fitness Bands in India 2022

Model India Awards
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 3,499 rupees
OnePlus Band 1,599 rupees
Redmi Pro Smart Band 3,999 rupees
Huawei Band 6 4,490 rupees
Realme Band 2 3,499 rupees
Fitbit Charge 5 14,999 rupees

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

Xiaomi’s Mi Band series is not only popular, but also one of the best-selling fitness bands in the country. Their current offering is the Mi Smart Band 6 which, like previous models, is affordable and works quite well. It comes with up to 14 days of battery life, a 1.56-inch AMOLED display capable of up to 450 nits brightness, PPG heart rate sensor, SpO2 tracking and more. The band connects to a dedicated app that can be used to set up the device, personalize it, and keep your health data. For something that costs Rs 3,500, the Mi Smart Band 6 is packed with features and our pick of the best budget fitness band.

To buy: Mi Shop India | Amazon


-Large AMOLED display
Comfortable and light
– Packed with useful features
-Value for money

The inconvenients:
Frozen look
-No permanent display
-Advanced features drain the battery

OnePlus Band


OnePlus entered the wearables market with its own fitness band last year. There are some similarities with the Mi Smart Band in terms of design, but overall OnePlus has done a good, if not the best, job with the OnePlus Band. The streamlined strap with a two-tone finish and the 1.1-inch AMOLED display both look great. It comes with heart rate and SpO2 sensors along with 13 exercise modes. You can even track your sleep, which is surprisingly well implemented. Like most fitness bands, it also offers dust and water resistance with an IP68 rating of 5ATM. All in all, if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to Xiaomi’s Mi Band series, this isn’t a bad option.

To buy: OnePlus Store | Amazon

-Beautiful design
– Bright display
– Smooth UI navigation
-Precise tracking capabilities

The inconvenients:
-No stress tracking
– Inconsistent battery life

Redmi Pro Smart Band

With the success of its Mi Band series, Xiaomi has introduced another fitness band under the Redmi brand. The Redmi Smart Band Pro has a larger 1.47-inch AMOLED panel, compared to the Mi Smart Band 6, and also has an always-on display option. It also comes with heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, 110+ workout modes, women’s menstrual health tracking, stress tracking, sleep monitoring, and more. Battery life is rated at 14 days with up to 20 days when used with power saving mode. It also comes with a 5 ATM rating which means you can swim while wearing the band up to 50m.

To buy: Mi Shop India | Amazon

– Beautiful display
-Comfortable and lightweight
-Tons of sports modes
-Good battery life

The inconvenients:
– Proprietary straps
-Small issues with iPhone connectivity

Huawei Band 6

Like the Redmi Smart Band Pro, the Huawei Band 6 also comes with a large AMOLED display that almost makes it look like a smartwatch. In fact, it’s a strong contender for Xiaomi as it comes with a ton of features including heart rate and SpO2 tracking, sleep tracking, and up to 96 workout modes. Available in four color options, the Huawei Band 6 comes with a 5 ATM rating, which means it has a water resistance rating of 50 meters. It can also track your sleep cycles as well as stress, along with features like getting call and app notifications, media control, and more. heart rate monitoring, automatic SpO2 and automatic stress tracking are disabled.

To buy: Amazon

-Attractive and large AMOLED display
-Superb battery life
-Lots of workout modes

The inconvenients:
-You can not reply to messages
– Non-modifiable straps
-SpO2 tracking is uncertain

Realme Band 2

Realme Band 2

Realme is also very active in the affordable fitness tracking market and the Realme Band 2 is currently their best fitness band offering. It looks like a cross between the Huawei Band 6 and the Redmi Smart Band Pro, with a 1.4-inch display, but notably, this one doesn’t use AMOLED. It offers roughly a similar set of features, but includes 90 sports modes, heart rate and SpO2 tracking, sleep tracking, and stress tracking. The good thing about the Realme Band 2 is that it comes with non-proprietary 18mm straps, so you can easily swap them out. Other notable features include a 5ATM water resistance rating, 12-day battery life, and smart AIoT controls.

To buy: Realme Shop | Amazon

– Universal 18mm strap
-Long battery life
-Realme Link app

The inconvenients:
-No call or message reply option
-GPS connected only
-No tracking of women’s menstrual health

Fitbit Charge 5

As for the most expensive fitness band on our list, we have the Fitbit Charge 5. Fitbit is a popular name in the fitness and health tracking space and the Charge 5 is our pick of the best band. premium fitness for 2022. The design is quite premium with an aluminum casing instead of using plastic. The vibrant OLED display is fun to use and the dedicated app comes with a great interface for tracking your health. Speaking of which, the fitness band includes an ECG sensor for tracking heart rate as well as an SpO2 sensor for tracking blood oxygen saturation. It can also track your sleep cycle, stress, and even menstrual cycle tracker for women. It comes with a relatively lower battery life of around 7 days, but that’s definitely not a deal breaker considering the high-end style and variety of health features this device has.

To buy: Amazon

– Sleek and comfortable design
-Good battery life
– Can track a multitude of fitness activities
-Good sleep tracking

The inconvenients:
-Can’t go back to notifications
-EDA scans can take a long time
-No on-demand SpO2 monitoring

Evelyn C. Tobin