ISI® Elite Training Grounds in Nashville

Rising Boutique Fitness Franchise Expands Across the Great State of Tennessee

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ISI® Elite Training, one of the nation’s fastest growing boutique fitness concepts based on athletics-based training (ABT), today announced its expansion into Nashville, Tennessee. The brand’s newest location is owned and operated by austin wyrick, Bo Dickerson and Chris Carpenter. This is the trio’s second ISI® Elite training site, the first being Concord, North Carolina and the first of several new locations planned for the Willing State.

Tennessee is expected to grow by one million over the next 20 years, primarily in the Nashville Region. New analysis of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville shows that the state could grow by almost a million people over the next 20 years, with the population reaching 7.87 million by 2040. from Nashville growth is driven by a thriving health and music industry and is seen as favorable to start-ups and the growth of new businesses. the Nashville launch follows a rapid growth plan that executed the opening of several new sites in the North and Caroline from the south over the past few weeks.

“We are thrilled to welcome Austin, Bo and Chris to the ISI® Elite Training family,” says Adam Rice, CEO of ISI® Elite Training. “Nashville is a thriving city of health-conscious people looking for more community involvement to balance their health and fitness regimens. ISI® Elite Training’s community-driven ABT fitness model connects people within their communities while taking a preventative approach to their overall health and well-being. We are delighted to welcome people from Nashville to our unique fitness model concept.”

The rapid growth of the ISI® Elite Training model has accelerated since the brand started the franchise just a few years ago. It continued to open locations during the COVID-19 pandemic and is on track to open 65 new locations in the United States by 2023.

Recently, the community-based, ABT-inspired fitness concept was recognized as one of the best new and emerging franchises in 2022 in the April/May issue of Entrepreneur magazine. The ranking highlights the newest and hottest companies that have started offering franchise opportunities since 2017. ISI® Elite Training ranked 138 of the top companies that have been franchising for five years or less.

To date, the rising brand has 80 award-winning franchises, signing six in January 2022 alone, and is now in twelve states, including Florida, Tennessee, CaliforniaNorth and Caroline from the south, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, and a six-store contract in Scottsdale, Arizona. Other locations on track to open in the second quarter include Miami, Florida, Folsom, Californiaand Noblesville, IN.

The three main drivers of ISI® Elite Training’s growth are its community-driven approach, athletics-based training (ABT) model, and quarterly challenges, which account for nearly 300% of the annual growth of the fitness concept. Athletics-based training engages a sense of “team sports” where everyone contributes to the collective momentum of training. It instills accountability in everyone involved in training while promoting personal growth and exceeding fitness benchmarks.

Learn more about ISI® Elite Training franchise opportunities or how you can get involved in athletics-based training.

About ISI® Elite Training
In 2011, ISI® Elite Training founder Adam Rice opened his first facility in myrtle beach, Caroline from the south. Adam chose the name ISI® Elite Training based on Proverbs 27:17: “Iron sharpens iron, as one person sharpens another.” In 2019, ISI® Elite Training opened its successful gym concept to the franchise, founded on a philosophy of community alignment where like-minded people inspire, motivate and hold each other accountable to achieve goals. desired results. ISI® Elite training programs build confidence, increase muscular strength and endurance, burn fat, and improve flexibility for all fitness levels. Energetic, nationally certified trainers lead ISI® Elite workouts, guiding members through a fast-paced athletic training session (ABT), burning up to 1,000 calories in 50 minutes.

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