Goldenerre Black Stud Band for Apple Watch | Editor’s review

I don’t know about you, but my Apple Watch is my best friend (and arguably the closest thing I have to a relationship right now). As an avid runner, my weekdays consist of waking up, strapping my white Apple Watch Series 4 around my unnaturally small wrist, and going out for a jog whenever I can. I to like close my rings, see my heart rate and, most importantly, track my running training. The only problem with this technological gadget? If I leave my house for something unrelated to training, my Apple Watch‘s white training band looks a bit. . . owl. There, I said it. While I may have been made aware of this notion via TikTok, I totally agree – a sports band doesn’t equate to dinner attire, after all. To set the record straight, I made it my mission to find a more sleek and minimalist Apple Watch band, and the Goldenerre Black Stud Band ($ 88) did the trick.

The genuine leather studded bracelet comes in two sizes, as well as a few extended length options. I opted for silver studs to match my watch face, but studs are also available in gold and rose gold. Everything about this bracelet was (and still is) perfect, from size and style, comfort, quality and more. The leather breaks more and more each time I put it on, and the soft, almost suede-like interior of the strap never makes my wrist too sweaty or uncomfortable. Every time I wear it I get lots of compliments, and the best part is that it slips in and out of your Apple Watch hassle-free, so you can easily switch bands for a whole new look when you want it. wish. If you are looking for a new Apple Watch band that is versatile enough to go with everything you own, I highly recommend the Goldenerre Black Stud Band for Apple Watch.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Haley Lyndes

Goldenerre Black Bangle

Evelyn C. Tobin