Beijing to build a communist training school in a metaverse • The Register

Senior Chinese government officials have a new space to meet and “build the [Chinese Communist] Party”: a custom-built metaverse.

According to one of the bespoke metaverse’s technology providers, virtual reality company Mengke VR, the system will host virtual events such as meetings, lectures, classes and story lectures. 3D avatars will be able to walk through exhibits and observe cultural relics.

The available metaverse courses have titles such as “One Hundred Years of Histories – Party History Micro-Class” and “The Great New Era – Main Achievements of the Party and the Country since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China” .

The Reg appreciate that the latter sounds quite irresistible, but in case you want more, there’s also “The Chinese Communist Party’s Leadership Code” or “The Chinese Spirit – The Spiritual Genealogy of Chinese Communists” to consider. An embarrassment of wealth.

Chinese media – all of which operate in the knowledge that the state will frown on unwanted content – ​​report that the system apparently improves virtual reality through increased interaction of avatars, including each other, and connection of locations. Additionally, the VR company said the metaverse improves the level of engagement of the content – ​​even going so far as to call traditional VR content “boring”.

All this new content is accessible, as the firm points out, without travel and time costs.

China has achieved a high adoption of virtual reality and its government has even invested in virtual reality theme parks.

Now Beijing and major Chinese tech companies are investing in the metaverse. Companies like Tencent, Alibaba and ByteDance all have plans in the works – in a market that Morgan Stanley predicts could be worth around $8 trillion.

However, Beijing has recently cracked down on content such as video games, frothy fan clubs, depictions of the gender of young men one would expect to be in boy bands and live-streamed infomercials.

This recent record suggests that the metaverse will not be exempt from Beijing’s scrutiny – including this new effort to put the Party line at the forefront. ®

Evelyn C. Tobin